Welcome to this experiment. I say experiment because this is still an idea in its infancy and that it is still evolving.

I had this idea many years ago. A small place on the corner of the web to share, discuss ideas continuously and find solutions to business, security and technology. A means to shift conversations, ponder, process, and talk out loud.

In my line of word doing security, one simply cannot say no without providing a reasonable explanation and a solution to enable stakeholders to accomplish what they would like to do. We need to find creative, sometimes out of the box, solutions to complex problems.

In late 2019, my associate and friend Conner and I experimented with our initial podcast and published it on YouTube. While the traction was not amazing, it was a catalyst. It was inspiring to put ideas and considerations out there for people to ponder. Fast forward to 2020, all our lives has been turned upside down in this Great Global Depression caused by COVID-19. It is even more important than ever that we, the community, work together to identify solutions to help one another. We will not end this Global Depression individually, but together, we can end it sooner.

I will not pretend that we will find a solution to everything.

However, The Cyber Lab is a place where we will be challenging cultures, ideas, and norms. There may be many outrageous ideas, observations, suggestions, and some ideas are worth sharing, exploring, throwing on the wayside, or they are just simply horrible ideas for one reason or another. I will be wrong on many ideas.

It is my hope that this is a place to start exploring the possibilities of shifting towards problem solving while helping all our businesses succeed. Talking, processing, thinking out loud – no matter how bad they are – are tools towards creative solutions.

We are all in this together.

About The Author


Josh is a Founder and Partner at Net Force. He serves as an editor for The Cyber Lab